Self Proclaimed Genius and “Ideas Man”

Self Proclaimed Genius and “Ideas Man”


Photos by simplyphoto

Frank Slowinski has an eye for perfection, shenanigans, and opportunity. Voted best artist, awarded a free art scholarship, it was never enough. He vowed to be voted “class clown” but has always been torn between the duality of trying to be a comedy writer and and artist.

Finding his niche with humorous content, inspired by Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” music video, Harmon Brothers “Squatty Potty” ads, and his all time favorite, the “Allstate Mayhem Man” played by the arrogant and hilarious Dean Winters; Frank is seeking out clients who need the sharp witted comedy antics that only a character actor can provide, and only Frank can provide the character, charm, attitude, creativity, ideas, and above all, results that keep audiences coming back for more.

His work with Fire Dept Coffee, an internet based roast to order coffee boutique, has collectively garnered over a million views and recognition of his carefully crafted characters to even be recognized internationally. (How cool is that? What a swell guy)

Working with amazing production company, Bonza Media, and Photography and Design Firm, Catalyst Rockford ; Frank is a tiny 5’6” juggernaut of ideas on collaboration, world peace, world dominance, and above all, giving his clients the best possible quality and solutions to their problems. Heck, if that don’t convince you, nothin’ will.